Com & Com ANAPTYXIAKI LTD, as a member of the Association of Companies “ANAPTYXIAKI LTD. – DOTSOFT S.A.”, undertook the Support for the management and implementation of actions of the project “Promotion and Development of YMC (H) A – Youth Mobilization – Cultural Heritage and Athletic Valorization” with the acronym “PROMO – YMC (H) A” of the European Territorial Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020”.

The project reflects the jointly recognized need to maintain, protect and promote sports education programs. It is an important effort to preserve and strengthen the cultural heritage, to extend the tourist season throughout the year, and to increase cultural awareness and promote cooperation between agencies in the cross-border area of ​​Greece – Bulgaria.

The project will contribute to an improved approach to maximizing existing capacity. The new facilities, the experience, the good practices, and the strong commitment policy between the participating communities, to be actively involved in the sports world, as one of the main priorities for the local, regional, and international authorities from the cross-border area of ​​Greece and of Bulgaria, is the promotion and preservation of sports heritage. More tools for innovative sports education will be consolidated with the creation of modern facilities, which will present the past, present, and future of sports taking advantage of the comparative advantages of neighboring countries.


Work Package: Communication and Dissemination (Development of publicity plan, Creation of the website and the logo of the project, Social media – Creation of Accounts in 3 social networks, Mobile Application, Development of production and dissemination of printed and electronic advertising material, Organization of a press conference, Organization of the Opening Ceremony for the expansion of the Museum)

Work Package: Technical Capacity and Transfer of Knowledge (Guide to Best Practices for the Promotion of Sports and Cultural Heritage, Book / Album on the History of Basketball of YMCA)

Work Package: Modernization and restoration of facilities (Equipment for the upgrade of the Museum facilities)

Work Package: Design of an electronic platform for the optimization of sports and culture (E-Learning Platform as a training tool on Basketball, Teaching material for eLearning lessons on the best practices of Basketball coaching, Interactive Games related to the use of basketball (4 games), Interactive Basketball games using motion sensors (4 games – Supply and installation of equipment for interactive games)

Work Package: Youth Awareness Training Initiatives (Organization of a 3-day Basketball Training Seminar for young children focused on sports specialized and functional with an emphasis on simulation operations, Audiovisual equipment, training for Museum Programs – Hiring a project for a research associate with responsibilities for planning and supervising the educational activities of the Kindergarten and Primary School children, Cost of promotional material for the Museum educational programs, Educational material for the Museum educational programs, educational book, Suitcase Museum, Recruitment of a project for a research associate responsible for the presentation of the Suitcase in schools 1 visit per month for 10 months, Furniture, accessories, and equipment for educational programs, Tournament Organization Basketball, Supply of baskets for the basketball tournament (specific pieces of baskets with adjustable height for children)


AWARDING BODY: Christian Brotherhood of Youth of Thessaloniki “(YMCA)