Com & Com Anaptyxiaki Ltd. as a member of the Association of Companies “LIVING PROSPECTS LTD-ANAPTYXIAKI LTD” undertook the implementation of the project “Publicity Actions, mapping of women companies, diagnosis of training needs and workshops to support women entrepreneurship in Epirus Region” and the project “Operation of a Regional and Cross-Border Network for the Support of Women Entrepreneurship, Guidelines and Proposed Legislative Framework for the Establishment of Networks and Recording of Project Results”,  co-financed under the Interreg VA Cross-Border Cooperation Program” Greece-Italy 2014-2020 “and concerning the empowerment of women. The overall goal of the project actions is to promote business development in the RIS areas of the regions and to build the capacity of local actors to better support women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses by providing innovation support services and developing cross-border networks.