Com & Com ANAPTYXIAKI LTD as a member of the Association of Companies “LIVING PROSPECTS LTD-ANAPTYXIAKI LTD” undertook the support for the implementation of actions of the project “From Ancient Maritime Routes to eco-touristic destinations” and the acronym “APPRODI” included in the Program Transnational “Adriatic – Ionian”.

The project is part of Priority Axis 2 “Sustainable Region” and the Special Objective “Promote the sustainable valorization and preservation of natural and cultural heritage as growth assets in the Adriatic-Ionian area”. A characteristic feature of the areas involved is that in the past they hosted ancient ports that were always considered marginal for the development of cities, not often being a pole of attraction for visitors. The common territorial challenge facing the project is that areas with ancient ports have a high but untapped potential for economic development as ecotourism destinations, especially during non-tourist periods, and are characterized by insufficient involvement of community actors in the exploitation of cultural heritage. The main goal of “APPRODI” is to promote and exploit the cultural heritage in the Adriatic-Ionian region by strengthening the management and promotion of ancient ports as tourist destinations and by strengthening the involvement of local communities.


Work Package: Management (Management, Coordination, Monitoring)

Work Package: Promotion of ancient ports of eco-tourism destinations (Attractive ancient ports – Web Portal, Strategic Action Plan)

Work Package: Communication (Start-up Activities including Communication Strategy and Website, Digital Actions Including Social Media and Multimedia, Public Events)