Com & Com ANAPTYXIAKI LTD as a member of the Association of Companies “LIVING PROSPECTS LTD – ANAPTYXIAKI LTD” undertook the implementation of actions for the publicity of the LIFE project “Food for Feed: An Innovative Process for Transforming Hotels’ Food Wastes into Animal Feed – LIFE15 / ENV / GR / 000257” which has joined the LIFE Program.

The LIFE F4F project aims to utilize an innovative process that will allow the safe conversion of the pre-selected organic fraction of municipal solid waste mainly from hotels into a product, which will be evaluated in terms of its usability as animal feed. For this purpose, a pilot solar drying unit will be built and operated, which will be able to produce 40-50 tons of feed per year. The LIFE F4F project includes:

Design, operation, and evaluation of the collection of the pre-selected organic fraction from hotels

Design, construction, operation, and evaluation of the system for manual sorting, shredding, and solar drying/pasteurization of the material

Assessment of feed quality (quality characteristics, application to animals)

Techno-economic and environmental assessment

Publicity and networking actions with other LIFE projects


Work Package: Communication and dissemination actions (Organization of OpenDayEvents, meetings, seminars, workshops, information events, Creation of information material, Meetings for the removal of legal restrictions, Business Plan Development)


AWARDING BODY: Technological Educational Institute of Crete