ANAPTYXIAKI LTD, having the know-how of the procedures for the Compliance of the Municipality in accordance with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection undertook to implement the following:

The capture of an existing situation

The commitment of the Management

Statement of commitment of the administration and information of the staff – access authorizations.

Data Processing Registry

Legal texts of the foundation of legal basis – instructions for integration in each form of processing, recording, documentation, and notification.

Schematic diagram of the information system of the Organization, with its functions.

Study of risk analysis and risk assessment of Information Systems.

Manual of policies – procedures for data collection and processing.

Full text of Security Policy.

Full text of Security Plan.

Full text of Disaster Recovery Plan.

Study to update the existing mechanisms and their extension.

Full text of Event Management Plan.

Collection of logs, automated and non-automated.

Training program per department with a detailed, educational program, material, and presentation. It is part of the documentation required for compliance.