Com & Com ANAPTYXIAKI LTD. undertook the implementation of actions for the publicity and communication of the European project First and last Mile intermodal mobility in the congested urban area of ​​Adrion Region – SMILE which has joined the Interreg Adrion Adriatic – Ionian Program.

SMILE project focuses on the first and last mile of mobility in some diverse and exemplary urban areas of the Adrion (Adriatic) axis region, integrating coastal, inland, and border towns of different sizes. Urban areas are the place where everyday residents, travelers, and tourists face the consequences of unsustainable mobility models and the lack of effective multimodal transport solutions. They are faced with air pollution, which has worsened in many urban areas involved in SMILE due to the traffic of old diesel vehicles, with the existence of traffic congestion and corresponding loss of time, CO2 emissions, noise, accidents, plus the volume of public space occupy cars.


Work Package: Communication (Publicity Material, Publications, Public Events, Digital Activities including Networking and Multimedia)


AWARDING BODY: Municipality of Hersonissos