The aim of the services was the provision of technical support services to the Transparency and e-Government Directorate of the REMTH Region regarding the specialization, maturation, and implementation of projects and actions of the Digital Strategy of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

In particular, the Contractor’s work includes the following:

Section 1: Maturation Actions

The section includes all the activities required for the full preparation of the projects, to ensure their smooth implementation and operation. The purpose of the process is to ensure that the REMTH projects can be effectively implemented, that detailed planning and definition of the project design requirements and the actions necessary for their maturation are carried out promptly so that their implementation can begin without problems.

The procedure will be applied during the period of preparatory actions and project preparation and covers all stages from the initial establishment of their necessity, the evaluation of feasibility, the definition of the subject, the prioritization needs, the planning, and the elaboration of studies (where necessary).

In particular, the contractor will support REMTH in the following areas:

Exploring and comprehensively capturing the existing situation of the Services of REMTH regarding the needs, use, and utilization of the provided ICT services.

Specialization of the needs with proposals for the implementation of projects for the Services of REMTH and at the same time the potential beneficiaries of NSRF 2014-2020, to enhance the use of ICT actions for the further development of ICT products and services.

Formulation of a Plan for the Digital Strategy of REMTH which will combine the previous ones and will be in line with both the National Digital Strategy and the sub-directions of the National Strategy RIS3.