Com & Com ANAPTYXIAKI LTD as a member of the Association of Companies “LIVING PROSPECTS LTD-ANAPTYXIAKI LTD” undertook the support for the provision of management services, evaluation, development of educational material, and translations for the implementation of the ECONAUTINET project of the Interreg V-B Program.

The project is entitled “Network’s support for SMEs in the Nautical sector of the Adriatic-Ionian Region”. The vision of the project is to utilize the important territorial assets of the Maritime Sector, bringing together SMEs from different regions and providing them with access to Best Available Technologies offered by Research Organizations, increasing their competitiveness. Business support organizations play an important role in the sustainability and expansion of the network, integrating and promoting the key elements of intermediaries, trainers, and real estate agents.

The main goal of the project is the implementation of a common and innovative ADRION network dedicated to SMEs, Research Institutions, and Business Support Organizations to improve the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs in the Maritime sector and support their internationalization.


Work Package: Management (Technical Support Services)

Work Package (External Evaluation of the quality of the actions and results of the Project, Development, and adaptation of the Educational Program and Material, Organization and Implementation of the Educational Program of the SMEs, External Evaluation of BAT, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Cooperation Network)