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Sound and evidence-based environmental and energy strategies, energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources, and financial management are key issues. Our department deals with projects and studies aimed at reducing operating costs and managing the energy resources of both private and public operators.

Establishing Energy Communities

The Energy Community is a dedicated urban cooperative that aims to promote the social and solidarity economy and innovation in the energy sector, address energy poverty and promote energy sustainability, production, storage, self-consumption, distribution, and supply of energy. Furthermore, we aim to enhance energy self-sufficiency/security in island municipalities, as well as improve energy end-use efficiency at the local and regional level, through the activity in the fields of renewable energy sources, high-efficiency cogeneration, rational use of energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, demand management, and energy production, distribution and supply.

During the first stage, the consultant’s tasks are to analyze the institutional framework of the establishment and operation of the Energy Communities, to reflect the current energy situation, to collect data on the possibilities of generating electricity from existing RE (renewable energies), to collect data on consumption (municipal buildings, vehicles, etc.) and finally to analyze the potential of RE.

In stage two, the consultant assesses the potential of RE to come up with an operational plan for their exploitation, with specific reference to targeted actions as well as the part of the population that will benefitfrom said actions. The above-mentioned activities will explore the possibility of adequate funding from national or European financial instruments

During stage three, the consultant prepares the cooperative with the aid of the municipality, while also collecting the necessary documents for the establishment of the Energy Community in which the municipality may participate, by Article 2, of Law 4523/2018. Finally, the consultant supports the municipality in the process of registering the Energy Community in the relevant register.