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Information technologies

Our company provides a wide variety of IT services for technological modernization of the public and private sector. We provide support starting from the original concept, all the way to the final product. Efficient solutions are also used by using well-established IT software.

Some of our services are given as examples:

e-government & mobile government solutions:

  • Local government portals for transactions and services for the citizens
  • Mobile apps designed for android, iOS, and Windows platforms
  • Regional government portals with intelligence services
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and open data

Digital culture and athletics solutions:

  • Internet portals for sport and culture
  • Sports and culture volunteer apps

Digitizing solutions

The company provides a wealth of digitization solutions based on open-source software and possesses a cloud application. Projects of that type include the digitization of a large volume of physical files of various sizes and types

Publicity and promotion solutions

The company provides a variety of public services, by physical and digital means (social media, SMS, Google AdWords, Newspapers, Magazines, Blogposts, etc.), aimed at effectively promoting actions. (Events, exhibitions, meetings, and more)

Technical support solutions

By utilizing our trained staff, our company undertakes technical support services such as Helpdesk, staff training, network solutions, IT consultancy for specialized issues, and more.

High-Quality Specialty Service Solutions (GDPR, IT Security)

We provide technical and non-technical consulting services and necessary training on privacy issues by GDPR

Smart city solutions / private community solutions

Our company, in cooperation with a well-established smart city software development firm, has acquired expertise in setting up systems to manage a sustainable smart city