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The “ALTTOUR” project aims to enhance spa tourism through the promotion of c-b thermal springs, based mainly on Master Plans, Benchmarking Analysis, Place Branding techniques & capacity building. Spa / therapeutic tourism is a form of tourism with significant economic benefits, while at the same time it is characterized by minimal negative effects compared to other tourism services.

The demand for thermal tourism in Greece is characterized by intense seasonality, mainly in the large thermal baths, while the same phenomenon is observed in Albania, with the main feature being the lack of modern infrastructure and services. Although progress has been made in both countries, the spa resorts in the cross-border area lag behind those in other European countries, mainly due to their management by local authorities and the lack of private initiative involvement.

Based on the above, the operation “ALTTOUR” attempts to link the existing comparative advantages related to cultural and natural resources with the development of spa tourism by creating packages of tourist routes. For this purpose, the action of the project focuses on the creation of customized tour packages that will include a visit to the thermal spring together with a tour of places of cultural interest in the cross-border area.


Work Package 1: Project Management and Coordination

1.2.2 Management and Coordination: concerns the monitoring and coordination of the overall implementation of the project in collaboration with the other beneficiaries, the Joint Secretariat of the Program and the Managing Authority

1.2.3 Technical Meetings and Workshops: organization of the 4th Technical Meeting in Ioannina with the participation of all project partners, as well as preparation of the minutes of the meeting.


CONTRACTING BODY: Ministry of Tourism