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BEST MED is one of the two Strategic Projects of the INTERREG MED project “PANORAMED” for Coastal and Maritime Tourism, funded by the Interreg VB Transnational Cooperation Program “Mediterranean (MED)”, led by the Organization “El Legado Andalusí” of the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andalusia (Spain).

BEST MED is the result of cooperation between partners already involved in macro-regional strategies for the Mediterranean Sea Basin and aims to build a common approach to “green” tourism development in the Mediterranean region and to form an integrated and sustainable tourism plan, that will propose a broader model of tourist routes, connecting coastal, maritime and inland destinations.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen governance in the Mediterranean region, where seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation of stakeholders in tourism development, including the active involvement of citizens in policy-making, are the main challenges for tourism.

The individual objectives of the project include:

The creation and coordination of coherent transnational tourism packages, to reduce seasonality, both in geographical and temporal terms, and to mitigate its negative effects.

The strengthening of the cooperation and the development of synergies between the Mediterranean countries, to promote the MED region as a unified -but differentiated- destination in the global tourist market.

Enhancing sustainable tourism through the implementation of cultural heritage policies in the Mediterranean region and the redistribution of tourists from coastal areas to the mainland.


For the deliverable “1.2.1 Monitoring & Evaluation”

For the deliverable “1.4.1 Technical Meetings”

For the deliverable “5.1.1 Transfer of the results of WP3 and WP4”


CONTRACTING BODY: Ministry of Tourism