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Taking into account the pandemic conditions we are facing, the 1st thematic consultation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Volvi was held via a video conference on Tuesday 01/12/2020. The consultation was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Volvi, the Cycling Association of the region, the Asprovalta Traffic Police, the Association of Persons with Disabilities of Central Macedonia, “Ependitiki” of Municipality of Volvi, Transport Authority of Thessaloniki, Port Authority of Stavros, Forest Service of Stavros, Fire Department of Stavros, Madytos Health Center, the Directorate of Transport and Communications of Western Thessaloniki, as well as the Rooms to Let Associations of Stavros and Asprovalta.

The stakeholders were introduced to the basic concepts of sustainable urban mobility, then informed about the current state of the transport system of the municipality, while at the final stage of the meeting the floor was given to those who spoke about their role and issues identified by the each individually on daily basis in the operation of the transport network.