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The company's vision is its contribution to improving the daily lives of people with respect for the environment and the physiognomy of the planet, combining its expanded scientific field (engineers, environmentalists, economists) with high technology.



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Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce
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Sustainable development, sustainability, renewable energy, sustainable cities and smart application systems are some of the keywords we hear every day and are considered the connecting link of sustainable transition from today to tomorrow. The people of our company, following the new technological developments and the needs of the market, invest significantly in the enrichment of their field of knowledge, in order to respond optimally to the service sector of our company.

Circular economy

The circular economy projects, in which our company participates, have as their main purpose the reduction of waste via safe reusing. By using solar radiation, food waste collected from the source is modified and can be used as animal feed.




The tourism sector projects, in which our company participates, have as their main objective the promotion of the product of the contracting authority in a wider reference area.


The cultural projects, undertaken by our company, aim to highlight each study area in the field of cultural and historical heritage, and their monuments of historical, archaeological, and religious interest. The main purpose of our actions is to strengthen local tourism, to exploit the surplus of both the cultural and environmental resources of the area, create a special tourist identity, and strengthen other accompanying alternative forms of tourism.




Our company operates in providing integrated management / consulting services to public and private sector companies and organizations. We provide knowledge and experience in a plethora of business sectors, assisting in problem-solving and increasing their efficiency in the modern and demanding business environment.


Sound and evidence-based environmental and energy strategies, energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources, and financial management are key issues. Our department deals with projects and studies aimed at reducing operating costs and managing the energy resources of both private and public operators.

Establishing Energy Communities

The Energy Community is a dedicated urban cooperative that aims to promote the social and solidarity economy and innovation in the energy sector, address energy poverty and promote energy sustainability, production, storage, self-consumption, distribution, and supply of energy. Furthermore, we aim to enhance energy self-sufficiency/security in island municipalities, as well as improve energy end-use efficiency at the local and regional level, through the activity in the fields of renewable energy sources, high-efficiency cogeneration, rational use of energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, demand management, and energy production, distribution and supply.

During the first stage, the consultant’s tasks are to analyze the institutional framework of the establishment and operation of the Energy Communities, to reflect the current energy situation, to collect data on the possibilities of generating electricity from existing RE (renewable energies), to collect data on consumption (municipal buildings, vehicles, etc.) and finally to analyze the potential of RE.

In stage two, the consultant assesses the potential of RE to come up with an operational plan for their exploitation, with specific reference to targeted actions as well as the part of the population that will benefitfrom said actions. The above-mentioned activities will explore the possibility of adequate funding from national or European financial instruments

During stage three, the consultant prepares the cooperative with the aid of the municipality, while also collecting the necessary documents for the establishment of the Energy Community in which the municipality may participate, by Article 2, of Law 4523/2018. Finally, the consultant supports the municipality in the process of registering the Energy Community in the relevant register.


Sustainable development

The need for sustainable development is imperative to address challenges such as the economic crisis, the constant growth of the world population, social inequalities, and environmental degradation. Our department plans projects for the cities and people, which ensure economic development and social cohesion while making the area more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

The project implementation process is divided into four (4) stages

During the first stage, the consultant’s tasks include staffing and training the municipality’s project team as well as establishing the stakeholder group that will contribute to the elaboration of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Furthermore, they make sure that a commitment pact on the general principles of sustainable mobility ensues, they define the intervention area, assess the impact of regional/national and local plans and strategies, and delimit the final implementation of the timetable. Finally, they implement learning tools that will help in the self-assessment of the mobility planning of the municipality.

During stage two, the consultant reflects and analyzes the current situation of the transport infrastructure, develops future status scenarios of the mobility system, and includes the planning and implementation of the first phase in conjunction with the stakeholders.

In stage three, the consultant is developing, in cooperation with the municipality, the vision for the development of the urban environment of the city which will lay the foundation for the definition of the objectives and measures of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. In addition, mobility is prioritized in accordance with the analysis of the previous phase of the study, and an attempt is made to quantify smart objectives considering trends at the national and European levels. Finally, the second consultation phase is planned and implemented.

Stage four includes the development and identification of urban mobility measures, preparation of the action plan for the implementation of the proposed measures, and their indicative cost. Finally, the third phase of the consultation is planned and implemented.


Spatial planning


Our company provides technical and scientific support to public sector bodies for the maturation, submission, and implementation of spatial plans. Following an in-depth investigation, the main objective of the documentation study is to establish a hierarchy of suitable areas for the implementation of projects in the light of (a) the current institutional and programming framework; (b) the development potential of the study area, and (c) the challenges we may face considering the technical specifications of the 4447/2016 law.

Information technologies

Our company provides a wide variety of IT services for technological modernization of the public and private sector. We provide support starting from the original concept, all the way to the final product. Efficient solutions are also used by using well-established IT software.

Some of our services are given as examples:

e-government & mobile government solutions:
  • Local government portals for transactions and services for the citizens
  • Mobile apps designed for android, iOS, and Windows platforms
  • Regional government portals with intelligence services
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and open data

For more information on existing IT projects, please refer to the category “Project Matrix”


Technical Consultant Services

Υπηρεσίες Ανάπτυξης Συστήματος Διασφάλισης Ποιότητας(Πρότυπα: 9001:2015, 27001:2013, 14001:2015, ΕΛΟΤ 1435:2009)

European Programs

In the context of the European orientation and familiarity with European policies, our company has extensive experience in providing technical advisory consulting services to agencies and companies involved in cross-border, interregional, and transnational cooperation projects.

Interreg V B Adriatic - Ionian Programme - ADRION 2014 -2020


Below are the completed or ongoing projects of our company. You can filter the information according to the category of project you are interested in.

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